It’s no secret that Cornwall has become something of a gastronomic hotspot

Lip-smacking ingredients grown, reared and plucked from its coastal beauty are being flipped onto plates to great applaud. At a time when people are starting to wake up to the provenance of their food, it’s little wonder that Cornwall is in the spotlight: here you only have to look out to sea, stroll along the cliffs and tramp across rolling pastures to see where your food has come from.

In the Saltwater Kitchen Cookbook we’ve unearthed a collection of people who are passionate about food. Their mission is to create delicious, homemade food inspired by the sea and their surroundings. We’ve got under the skin of Cornwall’s foodie revolution and collected recipes, tips and inspiration from these culinary artisans whose lifestyles, ingredients and cooking are engrained in the coastal lifestyle.

Learn how to take the Saltwater Kitchen approach to your cooking and bring the coastal life to your table: create gourmet feasts from foraged ingredients, sizzle up seasonal lunches for carefree summer days and find out where to source seafood flipped straight from the day boats. Or you can simply slink off and dine on down-to-earth cuisine in Cornwall’s finest surfside restaurants.