Meet: Nola From No. 4

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Above: Adam and Nola at the door of No. 4. Photo: Kirstin Prisk
Nola Kinna runs No.4 located in the heart of Aggie’s tight knit surfing community with her partner Adam Vasey. The restaurant has attracted a huge following so it seemed right to find out more about the face behind the success story.
Above: The sign over the door of No. 4. Photo: Nola Kinna
Nola, what inspired you to set up No.4?
We had been thinking about setting up a restaurant for sometime. When the Aggie surf shop became available for lease it seemed like the perfect place, so we moved home from London and cracked on.
Describe your average day?
We get up about 7:30/8am, quick shower and cuppa then Adam goes down to No.4 prepping from about 8:30am. Our menu takes a lot of work so there’s always something boiling away on the stove or in the oven. I sort the laundry from the night before and join him down here about 9:30. If we’re doing lunch that day we’ll prep together for a few hours, set up for lunch. We try to get half an hour to sit down and think about new dishes but that’s fairly rare! Marky (our other chef) gets in about 3pm and the rest of the gang at 5:30pm. I’ll try and get an hour in the office to sort through invoices, answer emails etc – then home to get changed for the evening. Service kicks off at 7pm so by 6:30 we’re all set up and ready to go. We generally finish here about 12am – home, quick bite to eat and glass of wine and whatever series we’re watching to wind down, then bed about 1:30/2am – start again tomorrow.
inside no 4
Above: Inside No. 4. Photo: Nola Kinna
What’s your favourite thing to cook at home?
Something easy! Proper roast chicken and new potato salad, or ‘leftovers’ risotto. Last week I made sweetbread, asparagus & wild garlic risotto!
What inspires you about living in Cornwall?
Everything! We both grew up here so it’s easy to take the Cornish way of life a little for granted – but we also spent 8 years living in London so when you’re away for that long I think you appreciate it all the more. We’re so lucky with the produce that grows around us all year round – the fish we get comes straight from the sea, there’s very few food miles here!
 Above: Straight from the sea to the kitchen at No. 4. Photo: Nola Kinna
Which your favourite season?
Autumn because Spring and Summer are exciting in terms of what you start to get growing but by September you get everything you’ve been waiting for. I love the calm September brings as well after a manic summer, the air smells different.
What’s on the up food wise?
People are far more aware now of where their food comes from, and how it got to their plate. We try and get our produce from suppliers with as few steps from the ingredient as possible. For example, our pork comes from Primrose Herd, from their pigs, on their land.
Who would be on your dinner party wish list?
Keith Floyd, Anthony Bourdain, Fred & Joe from Joe Beef, Fergus & Margot Henderson, Josh Holme & David Bowie.
And the motto you try to live by?
In the words of David from Joe Beef, “Art goes in your eye – food goes in your mouth.”
Above: The glorious Cornish countryside. Photo: Nola Kinna